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Betrayed by a Loved One
- how the Tories lost our support

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Everyone has a right to be offended.
NO-ONE has ANY right to NOT be offended. [PC corrupts language]

Sat 18 Oct 2014

MPs want an "urgent" investigation over missing files relating to Rotherham abuse scandal. (Independent, 18 Oct 2014).

Presumably "urgent", to MPs, means asking for an investigation some 5 weeks after this was actually reported and verified.

This was actually reported (Mirror) and told to MPs at least as early as 10 Sep 2014.

The "urgency" of our MPs is nothing less than scandalous in itself!

Allowing time for the good-and-great cover up their own forensic trail raises further questions over the suitability of the current Home Office to have any involvement in any investigation.  Indeed the Home Office itself should be treated as a suspect in this case.

Fri 17 Oct 2014

Tories face storm over EAW (BBC 17 Oct 2014)

After years of trying to convince the Conservative Party of the folly of allowing this travesty, this vile assault on British sovereignty we are more  than a little chuffed to now see this come home to roost.

Until recently we saw Theresa May as the greatest threat to Tory success. Until we changed to UKIP, that is.

Today we love the anti-conservative May just where she is; corrupting the Tories and leading the collectivist agenda for the Stazi-esque totalitarians they have become.

Thu 16 Oct 2014

Yesterday, our very own Jim Tucker, a sitting Councillor in Bicester, Oxfordshire and formerly a loyal Conservative, joined UKIP.

We wish you well Jim! We know this was a painful decision but we admire your honesty and integrity.

Beware now; the knives will be out. You'll be called traitor; but remember it't they who betrayed you!

Jim has his own blog at www.JT.SMUP.net

and now (after WE taught him) does Twitter too: @CllrJimTucker

Wed 15 Oct 2014

Another step towards the state's sequestration of children from their families.

The Guardian reports: "Parents in Wales told to send sick children to school Pupils with ailments including headlice, conjunctivitis, tonsillitis or glandular fever expected to continue attending classes."

So now it's sick children including those with glandular fever.  Any parent who has seen the agony of a child devastated with glandular fever really must be outraged by this.  While we are testing travellers for disease at airports we are now enforcing disease propagation in schools.

We are told that this "advice" (advice, mind you that comes with fines for non compliance) comes from Public Health England and a raft of "health professional" bodies.  Exactly how far have the clinical qualifications of these so-called professionals been compromised by this government's collectivist agenda?

The proper response to this "advice" would be the summary dismisal of these imbeciles and a total ban upon them from any further influence whatsoever in any health matters.

Tue 7 Oct 2014

The ugly tentacles of PC creep into our Universities corrupting and eviscerating all sense, civility and intellect wherever it's filthy stench is found.


We are witnessing the dismantling of our culture, our language and our society.

People stand idly by while this travesty unfolds.


Thu 2 Oct 2014

The Morning After

Today we embrace the world WITHOUT the baggage of the UK Conservative Party.  The Party has betrayed its members and betrayed our Nation.

ALL members of the JK5 network have now resigned from the UK Conservative Party.

Read Why in "Betrayed by a Loved One"

Wed 1 Oct 2014

Tory Conference:

Once again we see sound economic policy from George Osbourne.

Once again we see Theresa May undermine it all with her anti-Conservative security-scam diatribe.

The Tory deal right now is like the sinister benefactor who says: "I'll make you wealthy but I want all your daughters in return." What does anyone say to that choice?

Will the blackmail nonsense that a "vote for Nigel is a vote for Ed" wash with the ever more Westminster-wary British electorate?

Mon 29 Sep 2014


How DARE you accuse those of us who have worked so hard for the Conservative Party for so long - many of us from a time before you were even BORN!

It is you and your ilk who have betrayed us. YOU have betrayed the very essence of Conservativism! Millions of us are asking: What IS a Conservative?

YOU have allowed our Conservative Party to become so corrupted by your collectivist, totalitarian policies that we no longer recognise it as the party we joined so many decades ago.



Sun 21 Sep 2014

Labour's £8 ph minimum wage nonsense [BBC news] will, of course, appeal to those who have no understanding of economics.

A 23% increase (over current £6.50) will immediately cause a 23% inflation.
That is a fact. It has ALWAYS been the case and always will be.

The ONLY result is that lower earners will be WORSE OFF (NOT better) and many more people will be forced onto benefits; being Labour's aim all along. The buying power of savings will be obliterated, again; a Labour objective.

More people on benefits
=> bigger state
=> more power for busy-body socialist apparatchiks
=> less people producing wealth
=> Bankruptcy AGAIN

Will there be sufficient intelligence in the electorate to figure out where such policies will take us?

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