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The Conservatives are NOT conservatives
- an update, 11 Nov 2014

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Just a Thought . . .

Few now recall freedom's fragility.
When liberty is taken for granted it is quickly removed by power-addicted politicians.

Fri 28 Nov 2014

Anger and humiliation sweeps Britain as PM  begs EU leaders to support him to suppress UKIP surge.

"It burns my soul to see an English man have to beg Europe for permission to govern his own land."

Jonah Jones @peoplesvoice10 on Twitter

... in response to Prime Minister David Cameron grovelling before his EU masters begging to be permitted to act on widespread public demand for curbs on immigration.

[reported at BBC news: uk-politics-30224493]

JK5's Jerrald Coe says "Every Englishman must be cringing with humiliation that the Prime Minister of our Great Nation can DO NOTHING without EU approval."

Fri 28 Nov 2014

Without Sovereignty a Nation is Nought.

This cartoon sums up the IMPERATIVE for the UK to regain and retain our Sovereignty. may be our Rubicon.



Click to enlarge.

Thu 27 Nov 2014

As every day passes it becomes more evident that the EU is on a non-negotiable path to ever increasing political union until all states are fully subservient and all power is fully centralised in Brussells.

Equally; as every day passes it becomes ever more clear that a political cabal, now know as the "LibLabCon", are in full collusion with the Union objective. Whatever they may be SAYING counts for nought against their actions.

Failed attempts at Union by Buonaparte and Hitler have taught these fascists only one lesson - that force will not work.

Today they know not to APPEAR to be united. Today they know not to SAY what might expose their sinister game. Today they play to the strategy of NewsSpeak and its latter-day henchmen PC and Spin. Today they grow more bold in the crimes they commit.

2015 will be 1984 unless we say YES to Sovereignty, Democracy and Freedom at GE2015Vote UKIP.

Wed 19 Nov 2014

Theresa May's vile attack on British Sovereignty (EAW) has now "gone through" parliament.

The very best article we have seen on this is published in:

LibertarianHome w150

The European Arrest Warrant: a useful tool (for a tyrant)

by Ben Kelly of @TheScepticIsle


Mon 10 Nov 2014

Only 40 honourable MPs

On this most infamous night of treason 464 of our MPs voted to subjugate the people of this land to the permanent fear and terror that they can be arrested on the mere whim of a foreign power and whisked off to a 3rd world "justice" system to be held until that regime deigns to set a trial date. All the regime needs to do is trump up a "charge" with a maximum tarriff of at least 12 months.

Subjecting people to terror is the very definition of terrorism. People who do this ARE "terroists". MPs wh do this HAVE committed treason.

Read the "List of Shame" - the 464 MPs who have committed this dire assault on our sovereignty and the very freedoms that so many died for.


Sat 1 Nov 2014

Jean Monnet on secret EU aims. Says it all ...


Click to enlarge.

Original Source: @Fight4UK

Thu 30 Oct 2014

It is high-time to snuff out the myth that BREXIT (British Exit from EU) will cost British jobs. This year the EU cost us a net £8.6b in fees alone. That figure is rising, not falling. On top of that the EU buys an average of only £13b per month from EU countries but we buy £18b/mth from them.

TradeAithEUClick To Enlarge.

Far from jobs lost, BREXIT will generate an employment bonanza for the UK.

Tue 28 Oct 2014

There has been justifiable outrage as it emerges Labour's proposed mansion tax will be 'covered by MPs expenses' [Express, 27 Oct 2014]. It will be paid-for by us the taxpayer.

Like Brown's 3% stamp duty on house sales the Mansion Tax will, before long, apply to even average family homes. This sort of "stake in the sand" tax (maybe it's stake in the heart!) always incentivises tax-addicted politisites (Political Parasites) to push inflation to its limits so they can get their grubby paws on the new tax sooner.

In full understanding of the gross unfairness of the tax, our politisites have ensured they and their families will not personally be exposed.


Fri 24 Oct 2014

It is supremely gratifying to hear that Councils want a "common sense" approach on term-time holidays. Having campaigned for this while still a Tory blog. [BBC 24 Oct 2014]

Jim Tucker summarises...


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