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How long before we say "Let's move on"?
By Jerry Coe

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Just a Thought . . .

Political correctness and fear of offending will eventually be our downfall
if we continue on the grand path of pussyfooting     
Nara Hodge, @NaraHodge

Fri 29 Aug 2014

Just when we thought #RotherhamAbuse could not get worse we hear that

the abuse files have been deleted!

If SFO fails to confiscate ALL computing devices immediately for forensics then we can be in no doubt that a major cover-up is in train.

If this travesty is allowed to pass unchecked then ministers must be held to account.

Fri 29 Aug 2014

Headteachers who make no effort to understand children or child psychology should have no place in our schools. Yet many of our schools are infected with such people who seriously damage the ability of children to learn. Teachers who actually do understand children will know that uniforms are one of the most alienating and resented aspects of school.

Today Huffington reports an initiative by M&S to make school uniforms "cool" - "cool without breaking the rules" the advertisement said. Wow! We thought. What a splendid idea - an real and actual contribution to education! Yet the pompous, anal retentive head at Brentwood school says "School uniform isn't cool. It's not meant to be cool."

Well Mr Drew, we don't know yet why the School Governors would let you be a head-teacher but that kind of attitude exactly sums up why schools and head-teachers should never be permitted to issue any diktats to families of any kind - not just on term-time holidays.

Thu 28 Aug 2014

To pitch organised paedophilia in the UK as a Muslim crime well serves those peddling the religions hatred agenda. JK5 is compiling a repository to document this sickening crime so we can get a better idea of its nature and extent.

After only 24 hours with 2 of us working on it we have collected over 30 reliable authoritative sources that suggest some trends. These "reliable" sources do not include any of the thousands of social media "hate-rants" but are restricted to media sources known for factual reporting. Observations so far:

  1. Neither religion nor race come up as a statistically dominant feature.
  2. Cover-ups and alleged cover-ups are far more prevalent for some religions than others and this correlates exactly to the relative representation in government.

We are looking forward to publishing the full organised, indexed repository and our conclusions in due course.

Thu 28 Aug 2014

Douglas Carswell, MP  has defected to UKIP! 

Is this a defining moment for both Conservatives and UKIP?CarswellDoug h110

Doug, hero for Libertarian Conservatives, has jumped ship saying he did not believe David Cameron was "serious about the change we need". Something many of us have been urging the Party to take seriously for some time. Indeed it is the whole raison d'ĂȘtre for the JK5 project.

Doug, we wish you well. You've given many of us a LOT to think about today!

Wed 27 Aug 2014

Fantacist and Labour fanaticist Ben Hicks, calling himself "MP for Brixton", does have an interesting Twitter bio. saying:

"Labour - making work pay for Parliament"

Perhaps he has inadvertently summed up Labour's underlying contempt for workers as mere pawns to be used for the benefit of the "important people" - their shop stewards and politburo.

Of course not an MP, just masquerading with no disclaimer, Ben (if that's even his real name) trolls twitter denouncing Labour critics as trolls. Interesting job if you can get it, though we suspect no-one pays him for this. Indeed we suspect that his delusions may inhibit prospects of gainful employment at all.

For meaningful and honest Twitter debate and banter follow our editor-in-chielf Jasmine @JK5blog, our global affairs editor Keren @JK5global and our UK affairs editor @JerichoJK5


Tue 26 Aug 2014


Police adopt new stop and search code of conduct.

How can anyone rationalise the quite correct attack on MISUSE of Stop & Search in the street with the simultaneous blanket Stop & Search everyone online (DRIP).

This contradiction in ethics and philosophy will undermine confidence in both the Police and the Tory Party.

Tue 26 Aug 2014

The propensity for Conservative MPs to step way outside their knowledge zone never ceases to amuse.  Today Dominic Grieve espouses the ludicrous "Christians are persecuted" theme. Apart from such drivel being utterly untrue, the comments are seen as facile and contrived by non-supporters and embarrassing by most supporters.

Continuing David Cameron's totally discredited "we are a Christian country" nonsense, all Grieve has managed to achieve is to further alienate more than 50% of the electorate. An otherwise reasonably intelligent man, Grieve has made a fool of himself and damaged the Party.

Fortunately we have the eloquence and research of BHA web authors to give us some facts and reasoned argument:

"BHA rejects scaremongering by former Attorney General Dominic Grieve, false narrative of Christian persecution in Britain", humanism.org.uk

Mon 25 Aug 2014

On plans to tackle radicalisation:

"And the home secretary also needs to respond to the concerns ... about the decision to weaken control orders" [BBC 23 Aug 2014]

could have been expected form someone fighting to tackle the problem, someone who supported the Tory's robust Immigration Policy or someone who had demonstrated a will to do anything positive.

But no; this quote is from shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper.

Yes; the same Yvette Cooper who was a cabinet member of the Labour regime that caused the problem with 4 million unaccounted-for immigrants. The same Yvette Cooper who shouted "racist" every time the Conservatives even whispered the words "Immigration Policy". The same Yvette Cooper who today tries to blame the Coalition for the problem that Blair and his cronies caused to cynically skew the electorate in their favour.

Sun 24 Aug 2014

The Independent shouts: "Exclusive: We share blame for creating 'jihad generation', says Muslim strategist"

NO! "We" do Not share ANY blame for this any more than we share the blame for other vicious scumbag criminal that go around killing people indescriminatly.

THEY came to OUR country and brought some shameful and despicable elements of their "culture" with them. It is the Jihadists who are abnormal misfits  - not us! It is they who have demonstrated that they have not evolved to the same intellectual or moral level to which homo-sapiens has evolved. It is they who are evolutionary throwbacks more related to the lower primates than to humans.

OUR problem is what to do with them.

There is still debate over the most humane way to kill vermin that have invaded ones house.  There is NO debate on whether or not they should be killed - just HOW. And so it is for Jihadists - vermin that must be exterminated.  The imperative is extermination. The politics is how humane should it be.

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