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Our Children have been Betrayed
By Jerry Coe

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Just a Thought . . .

Everyone has a right to be offended.
NO-ONE has ANY right to NOT be offended. [PC corrupts language]

Wed 17 Sep 2014

These spurious and dangerous justifications for circumcision were inspired by Intact Voices:

  • Justifying circumcision with "It's required by my religion" justifies FGM that is "required by my religion"
  • Justifying circumcision with "he won't remember it"  justifies date rape because "she won't remember it"
  • Justifying circumcision with "it prevents cancer" justifies cutting out breast buds at birth because "it prevents cancer"
  • Justifying circumcision with "to look like his father" justifies FGM "to look like her mother".
  • Justifying circumcision with "it looks better" justifies deforming a baby's limbs so they get more sympathy as a beggar.
  • Justifying circumcision with "it's more hygienic" means you are too lazy and incompetent to properly care for a child.
Sun 14 Sep 2014

Today we read of yet more evidence of US Police forces being totally out of control!

The Independent reports:  "Daniele Watts: Django ... detained by... police ... mistaken for a prostituteWhy? - for kissing her white husband in public.

This incident not only illustrates the contempt that US Police now have for ordinary people but illustrates the sickening racist attacks that have become a hallmark of the uniformed thugs that Americans must endure as their "police".

Beware Britain! Coordinated Universal Fear of Police (#CUFoP) has already started here. It MUST be stopped. [more]

Fri 12 Sep 2014

The continued subservience and sycophancy of western "leaders" to the pariah state of Israel should be seen by any civilised person as an attack on fairness and justice.  The continued bleating of the Israeli terror regime is disgusting in the extreme. Allowing the continued wholesale murder of men, women and children in Gaza is one of the ugliest crimes committed by western democracies in the history of mankind.

The holocaust being perpetrated upon the Gazans by Israel brings (or should) shame upon us all. We make no apology for using the term holocaust despite the arrant drivel that will pour out about "anti-semitism".  The false and cynical use of the "anti-semitic" pejorative by Israel and its equally culpable apologists no longer washes with honest or educated people.

We commend John Pilger's accurate overview of Israel's threat to peace:

"Breaking the last taboo - Gaza and the threat of world war"


Thu 11 Sep 2014

As many people remember the Twin Towers event 13 years ago today, we also remember the IRA terror inflicted on Britain over a long period. Specifically we remember the bombing of London King's Cross station on 10 Sep 1973 - 40 years ago yesterday.

Almost ALL IRA funding came from US citizens;

and NORAID was NOT the only US source of murder money.

Today it is played-down, ignored or outright excused on the grounds of that criminals' catch-cry "Let's Move On".

Americans do have a selective memory when it comes to Terrorism.

Wed 10 Sep 2014

Like everyone else, we wait anxiously for the outcome of the Scottish independence referendum. The natural instinct of a Libertarian is empathy with independence movements, but in this case, we worry that:

  • it's poor timing for both Scotland and Britain
  • it's motivated and promoted by personal egos
  • separation will cause grave financial harm to the ordinary people of Scotland
  • English voters will not tolerate funding the 'devo Max' and parliament will be forced to renege on 'No vote' promises.
  • a 'yes vote' will do such great damage to all parties that it will further extend the time to repair the greivous harm done to all by Labour.

Notwithstanding all that, Scotland will get the outcome it deserves.

Sun 7 Sep 2014

DO NOT stop being ANGRY!!

If we submerse our anger about Ashya King then we capitulate to the Orchestrated Fear that is being imposed by the State to instill in us that they can do anything they like with impunity.

Ben Kelly, occassional writer for JK5, today implores us to continue demanding answers.

In Libertarian Home he implores us to refuse to allow those who claim to own our children to "move on".

In our humble opinion this is Ben's masterpiece to date:

Do Not Stop Being Angry

captures our own thoughts and feelings better than we have ourselves.

Sat 6 Sep 2014

The explosive revellation last month that CDC researcher William Thompson "had omitted vital data from a 2004 study on the MMR vaccine and its connection to autism" was compounded this week with a "new bomshell".

Very simply Thiomersal (sic. English) contains murcury. Mercury is a poison.

The question is rightly asked "why would any sane person intentionally inject mercury into another human let alone a pregnant human?"

Many questions have to be answered; not the least being why our own GMC persecuted the now vindicated Dr Andrew Wakefield and Professor Walker-Smith (Mar 2012).  As late as Apr 2013 the MSM were, with support from so-called "experts", still mocking Dr Wakefield as a "discredited MMR scaremonger".

Fri 5 Sep 2014

Politicians who support Blair's VILE Extradition Act 2003 are effectively admitting they are content to subjugate UK sovereignty to a foreign power.

Some would call that treason!

EA2003 has been described here before as "particularly odious legislation from the Blair regime; nauseatingly offensive to those who believe in UK Sovereignty.

Similarly, we define the European Arrest Warrant as "nauseatingly offensive to British people."

The essential facts are well described in:

European Union facts of the day - The European Arrest Warrant  by Ben Kelly 


Thu 4 Sep 2014

Are we just going to stand by
 - and let it all happen all over again?

  • Rotherham
  • Ashya King
  • Saville
  • Plebgate
  • Stephen Lawrence
  • Hillsborough

How much pain do we just ignore before we stamp, scream and shout


How long before we say "Let's move on"?



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