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Hazim and Gershom - a parable

Thought for the week:
Conservatives advocating that government dictates what people should eat
are sounding the death-knell of the Party.
29 July 2014

The profound ignorance of our MPs never ceases to amaze. In matters of science they are invariably suppliant to the nearest or most vocal pressure group rather than consider any evidence.

The Climate Change debate (formerly known as both global warming and global cooling) really is still debated among genuine scientists.  The eagerness of most MPs to kau tau to whatever opinion they think will appease the plebs is sickening.

MPs bicker over IPCC report on causes of climate change.

Politicians claiming the "evidence is clear" simply demonstrate their complete incompetence in matters of science.

29 July 2014

Health fascism is a dangerous path to follow for any politician.  For a Conservative it is a betayal of the very reason for the existence of the Party - to stand up for the freedoms that were defended in multiple wars with the deaths of millions of our forebears.

MPs of limited intelligence or curtailed education are prone to leap onto bandwagons due to an intellectual inability to understand the consequences.

When an inteligent, highly educated Conservative MP talks of legislation to ban or limit foodstuffs that only a rather anal minority see as "bad for us" then one must question the philisophical credentials of said MP.

28 July 2014

It's governments, not markets,
that are short-termist

Excellent article by Andrew Lilico an Economist with Europe Economics.

Dispels some of the nonsense propaganda from socialists and demonstrates why they should never be permitted to run so much as a corner shop let alone an economy.


23 July 2014

"Protect me master" is the call of the milk-sop, parasite who would trade his liberty for security, understanding the meaning of niether "security" nor "liberty".

Those who value liberty say to their government "Do Not Protect Me", "Protect My Liberty"!


Jasmine elabortes . . .

23 July 2014

BBC News "The UN's top human rights official has condemned Israel's military actions in the Gaza Strip, saying that war crimes may have been committed."

It is deeply embarrassing that politicians of all parties in the UK continue to condone and encourage the crimes of one side or the other.

Has vote winning become such a perverse objective that rape, murder and war crimes have all become part of the campaign rhetoric.

20 July 2014
PC is often claimed to be a curse.
We have long refused to call it by its misnomer "Political Correctness". 
We prefer "Political Corruptness" as a more accurate descriptor of its negative, damaging and corrosive effects on society.
PC, we believe, is the intentional corruption of our language designed to corrupt our culture.
19 July 2014

Andrew Allison (Campaign Manager for the Freedom Association) says "An aim of the reshuffle was to divert our gaze from contempt for Parliament" in Conservative Home,

"Contempt" probably wildly understates the feelings that people have for parliament and politicians.

All of us at JK5 mix regularly with Conservative activists. There; contempt has become anger in many parts. Anger at the stupidity of policy that discredits the Party with less than a year to an election. Anger at the arrogance of Ministers that disrespect the people - even loyal members of the Party.

Andrew Mitchel almost certainly did not call anyone "plebs" but voters FEEL that the word accurately describes the attitude politicians have to us all.

19 July 2014

"Labour leader Ed Miliband is to promise there will be no return to the tax and spend policies of past Labour governments, in a speech later" reports the BBC.

Yeah, right Ed.

So why not just join the Conservative Party
-  "tax and spend" is the ONLY thing Labour have EVER done.

Anyone still believe that Labour is capable of NOT repeating the "tax and spend" damage it has ALWAYS done to the country?
Well; We have a nice bridge in London you might like to buy.

19 July 2014

Politics.co.uk says "Breath of Fresh Air into Education" in their article:

Nicky Morgan: 'Fed up' with teachers not taking responsibility

Our societal taboo on criticising any of the "holy orders" (teachers, police, nurses et al) is a form of PC (Political Corruptness) that stifles any debate that vested interests want suppressed.

It's way past time to remove such taboos and open up full and frank debate on issues in groups that we pay for.

Well done Nicky for moving in that direction.

The notion that all teachers are beyond reproach is arrant nonsense.

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