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Just a Thought . . .

Without Sovereignty a Nation is Nought.

Jerrald Coe

Wed 15 Apr 2015

So determined are the enemies of freedom, democracy and identity that they are now resorting to threaten DEATH to people who support and defend those most human of ideals. This is by no means an isolated instance of threats of violence and even death. There are now many that JK5 are aware of.

There has emerged in the UK a shadowy, always anonymous, threat to our very being. Free speech is not, and never can be, an optional extra in a free, democratic society. Free speech goes hand-in-glove with honesty, integrity and most importantly our safety. It is a human instinct that cannot be quelled by control-freaks or those who despise freedom.

The most telling hallmark of these anti-freedom, anti-British thugs are their anonymity. A dark and evil force with a ruthless determination to destroy the most human attibutes of humanity.

Mon 2 Mar 2015

"The Great European Disaster" movie (BBC Ch4) was nothing more than a disgraceful confidence trick upon the British people by a publicly funded propaganda machine.

This grossly biased mish-mash of blatant falsehoods, emotive drivel and one-sided rhetoric aimed at influencing an upcoming UK election is arguably the most egregious misuse of public funds perpetrated by  the BBC in recent times.

Numerous factual errors are spun together with an incoherent and irrelevant collection of tear-jerker tales to weave a Political-Unification agenda for which Adolph Hitler would have been proud.

Sat 24 Jan 2015

2014 saw some truly sickening events (wholesale paedophilia by an entire labour Council and dozens of establishment perverts, gruesome beheadings, etc) but we started 2015 with a couple to challenge even 2014.

First we had the Charlie Hebdo travesty.

Today we see sycophantic adulation of the vile savages known as the SAUD family by grubby self-serving politicians from all over the western world. We can only hope their fatuous transparency will soon be seen for what it is.

Wed 21 Jan 2015

"Surely there can be no point at all in electing a representative who expresses no opinion on anything controversial.  How can you possibly know if you support them if they will only parrot their Party line?

To those who were "born" to a Party and take the line "My party! Right of wrong"; I say to them that they soil democracy. And it is true that there are many like that, who defiantly support a Party line knowing it to be morally and ethically wrong."

Cllr Jim Tucker on   The Nature of Party Politics

Tue 20 Jan 2015

"It was certainly no surprise to me that what the UKIP documented policies actually said and what was said in much of the press were, in fact, almost opposites.  Indeed, in areas of policy where even the Conservative policies were couched in mealy-mouthed weasel-words, the UKIP policy was clear, erudite, unequivocal and honest.  Such openness and transparency makes it rather easier to know what you're supporting.  It's not only clever but honest to do that; and one of the things that had irritated me about the Conservative Party for a very long time had been its dishonesty."

Cllr Jim Tucker, on Why I Joined UKIP.

Sat 10 Jan 2015

It is, by now, clear to any intelligent observer that the UK Labour Party is a magnet for spongers, scroungers, liars, charlatans, fraudsters, paedophiles and the feeble-minded. Even more pertinent is the attraction the UK Labour Party seems to have for out-and-out racists. That is not to say that ALL Labour party members fall into any of those categories, but it certainly does seem that many do. It is most certainly the case that a great many Labour officials (particularly union officials), elected councillors and even MPs do.

ALTNAME The Labour Party is quick to lambaste the slightest perception of racist connotation in any comment by any member of any other party. Often their faux-outrage is over the mere discussion of a word; purely academic debates on etymology or semantics. Labour's intellectual dishonesty and depravity compels them to seize upon a word out of context and leverage their own perversions to derail honest debate.  Labour, historically vigorous opponents of free speech, are today even more eager to suppress free speech since almost any rational discussion exposes them as one or more of the things for which they have become a magnet.

Fri 9 Jan 2015

Many on the far left# (yes - Labour and "Liberal"* supporters!) find themselves utterly confused over the Charlie Hebdo atrocity in Paris this week.

Finding themselves caught between the outrage of normal people and the faux-outrage of terrorist apologists they are half-heartedly calling for "Free Speech" while overflowing with the bile and vennom of their known "tell" to vilify anyone with the temerity to actually speak freely.

# Conservatives being ordinary "Left".
how on EARTH can a bunch of collectivist noongs call themselves "Liberal"?

Fri 28 Nov 2014

Anger and humiliation sweeps Britain as PM  begs EU leaders to support him to suppress UKIP surge.

"It burns my soul to see an English man have to beg Europe for permission to govern his own land."

Jonah Jones @peoplesvoice10 on Twitter

... in response to Prime Minister David Cameron grovelling before his EU masters begging to be permitted to act on widespread public demand for curbs on immigration.

[reported at BBC news: uk-politics-30224493]

JK5's Jerrald Coe says "Every Englishman must be cringing with humiliation that the Prime Minister of our Great Nation can DO NOTHING without EU approval."

Fri 28 Nov 2014

Without Sovereignty a Nation is Nought.

This cartoon sums up the IMPERATIVE for the UK to regain and retain our Sovereignty. may be our Rubicon.



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